Why Write an Autobiography

Ron Paul Curriculum, English 1, Lesson 90

Write 500 words on this: “What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography?”

The following essay was originally written by hand at my mom’s suggestion… It looked much longer on paper.

If I write an autobiography, even if it’s just for me, there could be some meaningful benefits. It could help me not forget some meaningful moments, but it could also help me while I’m applying for a job.

First, an autobiography would give me something to look back at. There is always the chance, however extremely small, that there will be a time that I can’t remember things that have happened earlier in my life. It seems like a good idea to document it while I am young enough to remember.

More importantly, an autobiography can be used to reinforce my resume. As I am writing my resume, I can look back at my autobiography to refresh my memory about what will look good to an employer. I’ll definitely remember to mention that I built my own awesome computer when I was 12, but some other things might slip my mind.

If I write an autobiography, I’ll keep these things in mind. I don’t think I’ll become forgetful any time soon, but if I do, I’ll just re-remember it.


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