Non-Hereditary Genetic Disorders

Writing Assignment: Some genetic disorders are not hereditary. Give an example of one of these, and describe the molecular process that causes the disorder to occur.


The Complacent Corrupt-ocrat

George Washington Plunkitt was a New York City machine-politician in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He seemingly dedicated his whole life to Tammany Politics and graft. He did not write his own autobiography, and instead authorized one by William L. Riordon. Unfortunately for him, however, he didn't learn much from history. His autobiography was written with his own trusting constituents as the intended audience. This false sense of security made him extremely open with how he obtained his money, due to justifications, intentional mislabelings, and the influence, of all people, of Riordon.

The Content of Our Character

Throughout his life, Booker T. Washington had a bright view and plan for future acceptance and equality for blacks. He felt that blacks could earn respect by finding a need that a society has, and then finding a way to fill the need. In my opinion, all of the changes brought by the last century, be they good or bad, have not shaken the validity of Washington's message. It continues to be an accurate view of the future.